Software for the participants in the Liberalized Electricity Market


Information system (Software) is created to help traders and coordinators of balancing groups on the free electricity market. It assists and automates processing and operations of the data transferred from Electricity Distribution Companies. It has native capabilities for invoicing, forecasting and reporting.

Discover the main advantages of our solution

Contracts and invoices

Contracts and annexes management. Contracts include a various number of requisites as prices, payment periods, interest on overdue, etc.

Automated invoicing process and smooth integration with the accounting software, used by the Organization.


Fully automated operation and processing of the data provided by Electricity Distribution Companies


Simplified process of hourly forecasts preparation for spent electricity. The Forecast is based on the historical information about previously spent energy or a previous forecast with multi-level correction capabilities.


Various of reports are introduced and available for further need at every level: Cumulative, By Customers, By consumption location, for certain customizable period. All reports are pursuant to the needs of the Trader (Merchant) /Coordinator

Birex 43 is a software product with client-server oriented architecture

The server part is based on PostgreSQL DBMS(open source, free) which can operate either on a Linux or on Windows environment. The client part is Windows based.

Core Modules

Birex 43 is consisted by 5 fundamental modules:

  • Contract management
  • Invoicing
  • Finance module
  • Balance/Forecast
  • Administration

Module Contract Management

Module Contract Management provides the following functionality:

New Contract- Contract type, duration, payment time, remuneration possibilities in case of overdue payment, possibility for excluding due remuneration.
Annex- can change or extend all parameters of the contract, which do not concern already issued invoices. The Annex can add prices with new dates to the contract.
Editing - edit all contract parameters that do not concern previously issued invoices.
Contract termination
Invoice dependence/correlation - All entered contract data are used automatically when issuing invoices, payments, sending invoices, etc.

Module Invoicing

Module Invoicing supports the following functionalities:

Customer Data File - contains main customer data, contracts and consumption points for Every Customer, required for the purpose of the invoicing.

Automated data processing, Data submitted by the EDC to merchants are automatically processed in accordance with approved unified formats:

  • Main customer data and consumption locations at the initial entering of the liberalized market
  • data for measuring equipment/device replacement
  • data for monthly invoicing

Automated invoicing based on received data from the Distribution companies
Automated transferof monthly invoices issued to the accounting system
Issuance of credit and debit notices
Generation of invoices in PDF format and automated distribution by e-mail
Generation of files with payables to banks for customers whose paying option choice is direct debit
Generation of files with obligations to Easypay and more.

Module Finance

Module Finance supports the following functions:

Ability to create different billing tariffs for invoicing

All possible payment methods are supported:

  • Counter payment (at the Payment counter desk)
  • Bank transfer or direct debit
  • Easypay and etc.

Automatic charge and repayment of interest on arrears
An individual customer can be specified differently from the standard remuneration method
Automatic transfer of payments to the accounting information system
Generation of debit, credit notes as needed and automatic recalculation of balances and interests

Module Balancing/Forecasting

The Balancing/Forecasting Module supports the following functionalities:

Automatic processing of hourly weekly and monthly EDC reports

Forecasts are based on the previous actual energy consumption or based on a previous forecast. This is imposed by obstacle that coordinators/traders receive once a week report with real-time energy hourly consumption. It is foreseen a functionality to set an adjustment at the following levels:

  • Coordinator - the adjustment is allocated to all customers according to the weight of each client's consumption for the respective time of day
  • Customer - An adjustment can be set for each customer. This correction is distributed to all the places of consumption according to the weight of consumption of each place of usage for the corresponding time of day
  • Place of consumption an adjustment can also be set for a single/separate MP? Forecast on a user-specified methodology, custom-made forecasts, based on the different needs and requirements.

Reports at all levels:

  • Cumulative
  • By Customers
  • By Usage place
  • By Period and more

Module Administration

The Administration Module supports the following functionalities:

Create user groups with appropriate access rights to the respective menu items
Set Individual User Rights
Manage print designs invoice announcements, and more.
Data Archiving
Session Management

Management of nomenclatures::

  • Adding bank accounts
  • Adding/editing of tariffs
  • Price components, etc.